Do you need support with finances or money during Covid-19?

Locate financial help services


Are you struggling to pay bills due to Covid-19 and need support?

Learn which services offer bill help and support.


Do you need support to obtain or deliver food?

Find services which can support you with food


Where can you find legal help and support.

Find out legal information and supports.


Have you been exposed to Covid-19 and need support?

Find health information for Covid-19


Are you needing medication or prescriptions during Covid-19?

Locate support in obtaining medication

domestic Violence

Are you experiencing domestic violence during Covid-19?

Look for the range of services and supports

Mental Health

Struggling with Mental Health or just need someone to talk to?

Find the services you need for your mental health


Do you need help to understand the system during Covid-19?

Advocacy service can talk to organisations for you


Is your business impacted by Covid-19. Are you seeking support?

Learn who can provide you with business support


Are you an employer seeking to support staff and need help?

Learn what is available for employers

sole traders

Are you a Sole Trader, have an ABN and are impacted by Covid-19?

Find out who offers Sole Traders Support


Are you renting, have lost your income and cannot pay?

Learn who offers access to rental support


Are you a landlord with tenants who cannot pay their rent?

Locate options for support to help you through


Do you need short or long term accommodation during Covid-19?

Find where you can obtain accommodation

Working at home

Are you required to work from home and need support during Covid-19

Find ways to be supported when working at home


Looking for support and help services for children during Covid-19

Find out who can help with support with children

traveller on visa

Are you a traveller or on a Special Visa in Australia and need support?

Learn what is available for travellers  / special visas

A Social Initiative

Covid-19 Help 

Covid-19 Help is a Social initiative dedicated to connection. 

By sharing and connecting people to the services they need during and after this pandemic, we hope to ease the stress, struggle and suffering and lighten the load.

Our core value is Mateship. 

Australians helping Australians! 

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