Find support and help with your bills and fines during Covid-19.

If you require support with your bills or fines during Covid-19, there is help.

Government, Local Councils, local organisations, service providers and individuals offer a range of supports for people who have having difficulty with paying or managing your bills or paying fines during Covid-19.

Australia Wide Support

During Covid-19, many people are finding it difficult to pay bills. To find out where to access support look at the options below, or for more specific local areas, look at your state or territory.

Problems paying Bills

Are you behind on your bills or fines. Help is available. "Don't ignore them" Make sure you talk to your provider to ask for "hardship" assistance or help. Find out more at the below link.

Talk to a Financial Counsellor

Financial Counsellors offer a FREE confidential service to people in financial distress. They are non-judgmental and  supportive. Find out more at the below link.

Access Household Relief

Good Shepherd in collaboration with the Government are providing NIL interest loans up to $3000 for rent and bill payments. For more click the link below. 

Ask Izzy - Find a service

Ask Izzy can help you find support services who can help you with bill payments during COVID-19. Just fill in the information and it finds the services available in your local area. For more details click the link below.

Money Smart help with money

The Moneysmart Website gives you information on what you can do if you are struggling with bills. Click for more details.

National Debt Helpline

The National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit service that helps people in Australia tackle their debt problems. Find out more at the below link.

Finder - Help for Energy and Internet Bills

Finder have listed contact details for Energy and Internet providers and their "hardship" policies. To learn More in the link.

Energy Support

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has set reasonable expectations of energy companies to protect householders and small business customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn More in the link.

State Support


Support with bills in Victoria during Covid-19

Victoria Hardship Services

Concessions on utility bills are available for low-income Victorians experiencing unexpected hardship. Click for more information. 

Utility Grant Scheme 

Relief grants for paying overdue energy or water bills are available to low-income Victorians experiencing unexpected hardship. Click for more information. 

Energy Commission 

The state’s energy regulator has reassured Victorians experiencing energy bill stress as a result of the coronavirus outbreak that help is available.  For details click the link

Getting help with your bills 

Learning about your energy bill can help you reduce your energy use and save you money.

Click for more information. 

South Australia

Support with paying bills in South Australia during Covid-19

SA Gov't

The SA Gov't provide information on and support.  For more click the link.  

ACT - Australian Capital Territory

Support with paying bills in the ACT during Covid-19

ACT Government

The ACT Government is delivering an economic survival package to support the ACT community through the public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Including support with bills

New South Wales

Support with bills in New South Wales during Covid-19

NSW Gov't

The New South Wales Gov't are continuing to support the local community during Covid-19. For more details click the link. 


Support with bills in Queensland during Covid-19

QLD Gov't Elec Relief

The Queensland Gov't have outlined ways you can access Electricity Relief during Covid-19. Find out how at the below link. 

QLD Gov't 

The Queensland Gov't Support package for people impact by Covid-19.  Find out more details below link. 

Northern Territory

Support with bills in Northern Territory during Covid-19

NT Gov't 

The NT Gov't provide an overview of of their support package offer to those in the Northern Territory. For more click the link

Western Australia

Support with bills in Western Australia during Covid-19

WA Gov't

The WA Department has put in place support for Electricity payment and bills. For more information click the ABC link below. 

WA Gov't Response

A summary of support packages put in place by the Western Australian Gov't. 


Support with bills in Tasmania during and after Covid-19

Tasmanian Gov't support

The Tasmanian Government have included a range of supports to help during Covid-19. For more click the link.