Find Landlord and Mortgage support available to you during Covid-19.

If you are a Landlord or have a Mortgage, and have been impacted by Covid-19, find where to access support.

Governments, Local Councils, local organisations, service providers and individuals offer a range of Landlord support options for people who need it when impacted during Covid-19. 

Australia Wide Support

Contact your Insurer

If you have Landlord insurance, your insurance company may be able to assist if your tenants are not paying rent. For a list of insurers click the link.

Contact your bank

If you believe you need support to pay your mortgage, contact your bank. Banks are offering Mortgage holidays or pauses as a short term solution. To find out more click the link. 

Commercial Rent - Negotiate with your Tenant, Real Estate Agent and Bank 

Collaborate with your tenant, agent and the bank to find a solution which works for everyone. To find out more. Click the link. 

Finder - Overview of Mortgage  relief and repayment help 

Finder offer a detailed overview of what to do if you are a Landlord or have a mortgage.  To read the article, click the link.