Find traveller and special visa holder support services available to you during Covid-19

If you require support as a traveller or if you have a special visa, look for options and where to find information and help during Covid-19.

Government, Local Councils, local organisations, service providers and individuals offer a range of support options for travellers and special visa holders who need it when impacted during and after a disaster. Look at your state or territory to find out more.

Australia Wide

Travellers - Dept of Health

There is a ban on all overseas travel, with few exceptions. Australia’s borders are closed. Only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. Australians must avoid all non-essential domestic travel. Click for more

Smart Traveller - For Australian Travellers

If you wish to return to Australia, and there are still commercial flights available, take them as soon as possible. While we know it can be frustrating or expensive to travel at the present time, departure options may soon cease altogether. Find out more.

Temporary Visa Holders - Australia

2.1 million foreigners now in Australia on temporary visas are being encouraged to leave Australia if they cannot support themselves during the coronavirus crisis. To find local support from agencies for food and essentials, use the askizzy app.

AMES - Australia - Latest Advice

AMES offers support information for Migrants, Refugees and Temporary Visa Holders. Their blog offers an up to date summary of the latest information. 

Call 13 2637 or click the link 

Refugee Council Australia Wide Support Services

A directory of support services for Refugees. 

Call 13 2637 or click the link 

Changes to Seasonal Worker Program Visa's

On 4 April 2020, the Australian Government announced temporary changes to visa arrangements that would allow Pacific workers under the Seasonal Worker Programme and the Pacific Labour Scheme to continue working in the agriculture sector until the coronavirus crisis has passed.  Click for more